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What Does Ramban Say? Sefer Bereishis

What Does Ramban Say? Bereshis

Applying the same principles and approach that made What’s Bothering Rashi? such a successful series, noted author and educator Avigdor Bonchek continues to instruct and inspire readers with all-new, stimulating insights into Chumash Bereishis with commentary of the Ramban. You’ll find intriguing analyses of carefully selected comments of the Ramban, oftentimes challenging those of Rashi. You’ll be asked to do some clever thinking of your own - and under the author’s guiding hand - you’ll come to a new, in-depth understanding and appreciation of the Ramban’s unique and multi-layered approach to Chumash. Once again, here’s a trailblazing new series designed to provide students of all ages with a rich resource of insights and skills

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