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These Purim Days A Philatelic Book of Esther

These Purim Days A Philatelic Book of Esther

Edited by Mosher Rimer

Translated by David Dubin


Published by Society of Israel Philatelists 2018


The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the rescue of the Jews in the Persian Empire in about 500 BCE. In synagogues around the world the biblical Book of Esther, which recounts the miraculous events, is read on the festive holiday. Picking up on themes in the book, Moshe Rimer, a member of the Israel Philatelic Federation, has produced a lavishly illustrated the Book of Esther with a philatelic commentary. For example, mention of the drawing of lots, a central event in the book, is accompanied by a discussion of stamps depicting games of chance.  The translated book retains the esthetic values of the original and should enhance the experience of reading and studying the book of Esther in addition to adding to enjoyment of the Purim holiday.


Book includes the Megillah Esther in both Hebrew and English.