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Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust

Terrible Things: An Allegory of the Holocaust
Publication Date: 
September 1, 1989
0827605072 (9780827605077)

"This is an excellent book for sensitizing young people of any denomination to recognize injustice."--Church & Synagogue Libraries

Child Study Children's Book Committee Book of the Year Selection

The animals in the clearing were content until the Terrible Things came, capturing all creatures with feathers.

Little Rabbit wondered what was wrong with feathers, but his fellow animals silenced him. "Just mind your own business, Little Rabbit. We don't want them to get mad at us."

A recommended text in Holocaust education programs across the United States, this unique introduction to the Holocaust encourages young children to stand up for what they think is right, without waiting for others to join them.

Ages 6 and up

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