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Spice Box Agayoff Black with stand

Spice Box Agayoff Black with stand

Either as part of our clean styled Havdallah Set in metallic neutral color, or standing on its own, this container for spices (intended for the “Bessamim” blessing) is meant to contain spices such as cloves or cinnamon to release a pleasant perfume at the time of the Havdallah, when the Sacred (Shabbat and Holidays) is disconnected from the Chol (Motzei Shabbat or Chag).

size - 4 X 10 cm

Every Agayof piece is MADE in ISRAEL and ASSEMBLED in JERUSALEM and only by Avner Agayof, Menachem Berman or Avia Agayof. Agayof offers a LIFE TIME warranty for all its artifacts, a once-a-year complimentary maintenance service and complimentary cleaning, for each artifact.

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