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Shabbos: A Day to Create Yourself: Building Character, Shaping Perspectives, And Finding Happiness Throughout Shabbat

Shabbos: A Day to Create Yourself: Building Character, Shaping Perspectives, And Finding Happiness Throughout Shabbat

What unites a Russian refusenik, a US senator, a Parisian fashion designer, a world-famous behavioral psychologist, and a world championship boxer? What brings together prime ministers and presidents, musicians and actors, Nobel prize-winners and novelists? What lies at the heart of a global grassroots movement uniting Jews across every language, culture, and background?


From the creator of the international Shabbat Project comes a book that tells the story of Shabbat in a way that has never been told before.

If Shabbat isn’t just a day of rest, what is it?

A Day to Create Yourself is a call to see Shabbat with fresh eyes - to discover how it can unleash personal and societal renewal, how it offers us a recipe for happiness in an increasingly complex world.

This book shows how Shabbat gives us the tools to create the best version of ourselves and our world, reminding us that our most important accomplishments in life cannot be touched or measured or priced.

Building character, shaping perspectives, and offering happiness, Shabbat gives us the Divine gift of self-creation.

Affectionately known as “Chief”, Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein has served as South Africa’s Chief Rabbi since 2005, is a qualified Dayan, and has a PhD in human rights and constitutional law.

Rabbi Goldstein has been described as a “social entrepreneur” by the Jerusalem Post and featured on its list of the “50 Most Influential Jews” on the basis of an array of groundbreaking initiatives that he has launched and led, the most well-known of which is The Shabbat Project, a global grassroots movement that has spread to more than 1,500 cities and 100 countries around the world.

Shabbat. A Day to Create Yourself is the Chief Rabbi’s fifth book.

Illuminating... an important addition to the collective Jewish library.

- President Isaac Herzog

Guides us to make changes to improve our daily lives... dynamic and captivating.

- Professor Dan Ariely

An essential for any home... the start of creating peace, wholeness, and holiness.

- Mayim Bialik

Will enrich the Shabbat experience of anyone who reads it.

- Senator Joseph Lieberman

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