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Sabbath of the Land

Sabbath of the Land
Publication Date: 
February 23, 2022
Rav Kook's philosophical introduction to shemitta and selections from his halakhic writings on shemitta, with English introduction and summary essay by Yedidya J. Sinclair. Shabbat HaAretz, first published in 1909, was written by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the towering spiritual leader of pre-state Israel. It is undoubtedly the most influential book on shemitta, the biblical sabbatical year, to have appeared in the modern era. The work includes a soaring, lyrical introduction in which Rav Kook sets out his vision of the social and spiritual renewal embodied in shemitta. The Sabbath of the Land makes this essential book accessible to English-speaking readers. It presents an original, annotated translation of the entire introduction and includes selections from Rav Kook's halakhic work, rendered in fluent, readable English. These are illuminated by contextualizing essays on Rav Kook's life and thought, the historical background to Shabbat HaAretz, and the book's enduring power.
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