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A-S Sforno on Chumash Set 2V

A-S Sforno on Chumash Set 2V

Understand the Meaning and Depth of Sforno! Rabbi Raphael Pelcovitz’s highly acclaimed translation and annotation of the Sforno’s commentary on Chumash is now available in a reformatted edition, with the complete Hebrew text of Seforno included. Rav Ovadiah Sforno was a 16th-century Italian rav and physician whose comments and insights are as relevant today as they were in his day. His classic commentary, a model of brevity and profundity, is included in every set of Mikraos Gedolos, becoming a mainstay of Chumash study. Rabbi Pelcovitz’s translation of Sforno is unrivaled, opening this classic commentary to the English reader. This two-volume set includes the full Chumash text and its translation.

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