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The Ryzman Edition Hebrew Mishnah: Zeraim - Volume 1 - Berachot

A-S MIS HEB - BERACHOS - ZERAIM 1(a) Ryzman Edition

Now - learn Mishnayos in Hebrew as never before. A multi level Hebrew elucidation of Mishnayos for the layman and Talmid Chacham alike. Now, learn Mishnayos at the level of your choice - quickly or in depth. Review the halachos of the Mishnah as they appear in Shulchan Aruch. All-in-one volume specially designed for ease and clarity.




Pirush Hakatzer - a brief and flowing explanation, interwoven in the words of the Mishnah


Pirush HaRav newly typeset


Biur Ha'aruch - a clear and expanded explanation of the Mishnah, based on the commentary of Rav, the Gemara, and the classic Rishonim and Acharonim.


Iyunim - further discussion of questions and interesting issues arising from the Mishnah and commentary.


HaMishnah B'Halacha - summary of the halachos that emerge from the Mishnah, as presented in Shulchan Aruch.

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