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Reversable Colorful Painter Shape Pesach Plate with Glass Bowls

Reversable Colorful Painter Shape Pesach Plate with Glass Bowls

The Passover plate is an amazing modern design, crafted to resemble a painter’s palette. The vibrant multi-colored Seder Plate is laser cut into a perfect and pleasing shape, and is a functional item of tableware. If you’re a fan of art deco and bold contemporary designs, you’ll love the Passover plate. The Seder Plate comes with six glass bowls for the traditional Seder dishes of matzah, zeroa, beitzah, marar, charoset and karpas. Each dish place is marked with white, hand painted Hebrew script. The plate itself stands on discreet anodized aluminum legs. Pesach and the Seder is an ancient Jewish tradition that has been celebrated across the world for millennia. The Passover dish comes with two sides in different spectacular designs that can be made to your personal taste. Our contemporary Pesach Collection takes traditional Judaica design in an exciting new direction. Our Jerusalem studio is embracing new technologies and materials, and offering bold and colorful designs!

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