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Rendezvous With G-d

Rendezvous With G-d
Publication Date: 
October 15, 2016
A highly original holiday book, Rendezvous with God will make you see the holidays as you have never seen them before. In the words of R. Yitz Greenberg: "In this wondrous book, Nathan Laufer gives us a stunningly fresh reading of the biblical holidays, illustrating how they celebrate the seven revelations of the Divine Presence during the first year of the marriage of God and Israel. A remarkable tour de force, Rendezvous with God weaves together thousands of biblical rituals with later rabbinic ordinances and popular holiday customs into a seamless whole, inseparably uniting Judaism's ethical and ritual dimensions. The book is so rich, it will provide understanding and pleasure to every kind of reader from the wise, informed expert to the unlearned lay reader."
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