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Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem

Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem

Introducing Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem With the publication of Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem, the RA adds a new volume to the Lev Shalem series that will significantly impact our contemporary understanding of this classic ancient text. The Lev Shalem series is aptly named: each volume approaches the text with a "full heart," completely committed to understanding the text in its ancient setting while transmitting a living "Torah of the heart" to each generation. In this unique volume, the text is literally surrounded by the voices of two superb commentators - Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum and Rabbi Gordon Tucker, each deeply learned; each with a unique perspective reflecting the breadth and depth of Conservative/Masorti Judaism. The book's Senior Editor, Rabbi Martin Cohen, not only guided the project at every turn, but he also contributed the English translation of the oldest extant text of Pirke Avot, dating to the 10th or 11th centuries, along with a preface and a commentary on the 6th chapter of the text.

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