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Ohr Avigdor Mesillas Yesharim Volume 2 Hardcover


You never learned Sideboards Yesharim ... until you learned it the clear and vivid Ohr Avigdor way! Vol. 2 - Chapter 6–12 / Zerizus – Nekius The ladder to holiness just got so much easier to climb. The Ohr Avigdor Mesillas Yesharim is a completely original sefer that will let you discover a Mesillas Yesharim like you never did before. In fact, you never learned mussar until you learned it the clear and vivid Ohr Avigdor way. You'll discover: Rabbi Avigdor Miller's own all new translation Every word of the text is explained It gives background for unfamiliar concepts; understand chazal and history Plentiful examples for all concepts that drive the message home Crystal clear! All posukim and chazalim are explained But that is just the beginning. Ohr Avigdor Mesillas Yesharim will introduce you to the Ramchal's ladder to kedusha (holiness). With Rabbi Miller, you'll go up the that ladder, mind and soul, as each step is illustrated in awesome detail and clarity. Chock full of real world observations and tips that speak to today's reader, it's no longer merely a mussar sefer, but the ultimate how-to guide for life and avodas Hashem. Suddenly you'll realize you've never rejoiced in Hashem like this before! Hardcover, 340 pages.