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Modern Folk Judaism

Modern Folk Judaism
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2002
0881257834 (9780881257830)
This volume looks at the unique phenomenon of what the author calls Modern Folk Judaism, the way that many Jews have chosen to express their Judaism in the context of Modern society. The author explores some of the strange, contradictory, and often funny results that have derived from this choice, and how these results have impacted on Jewish continuity. The central thesis of this book is that a little bit of Judaism, far from fending off the prosect of intermarriage, may actually encourage it. The author contends that in some way, we all make choices about what we think is more and less important, and that therefore to some extent we are all folk Jews. The book concludes with some suggestions for how we can build upon the strengths of Modern Folk Judaism to chart a more promising course for our collective future.
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