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Meseches Kinim Explained - Hardcover

Meseches Kinim Explained
1583307109 (9781583307106)

Maseches Kinim deals with cases in which something went wrong in the process of bringing korbanos of birds. To the uninitiated, the cases and their consequences sometimes seem complicated and difficult to follow. However, Kinim is easier to learn than it seems – and this innovative book will prove it.This sefer guides one through each case, with an expanded translation of the Mishnayos, an analysis of the facts of the case, the din, and the reason for the din. Also contains more than 80 diagrams and review questions and answers, features designed to be used separately or in combination, by those as young as pre-bar mitzvah as well as adults. Not simply for learners of Daf Yomi, this is a valuable resource for anyone looking for clarity in this Masechta.