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Mashal Tov: Perfect Parables for the Shabbos Table Paperback


All parents want the children to be involved in the divrei Torah on the parashah recited at the Shabbos table. But where can you find a Torah lesson with quality and substance, yet filled with enough excitement to keep everyone's interest? Mashal Tov is the perfect solution! Rabbi Yeshaya Greenberger's entertaining and stimulating parables, based on classical meforshim, teach in a fun way. Each mashal inspires discussion that will include the entire family: What lesson do we learn from this story?How does the mashal match the nimshal? The product of many years of chinuch experience, and honed by the talented pen of Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Schultz, Mashal Tov will transform the Shabbos meals into an enjoyable Torah experience, for young and old alike.

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