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Maadanei Melech - Maamarim to Enrich the Yom Tov Experience

MAADANEI MELECH: Maamarim to Enrich the Yom Tov Experience

In Maadanei Melech, Rabbi Asher Eisenberger presents a selection of Yom Tov maamarim he has delivered over the past twenty years. Insightful, enlightening, and captivating, these essays will help bring greater joy and meaning to your Yom Tov observance and to your avodas Hashem throughout the year.


We are all familiar with derashos creative readings of the Torah or Midrash to develop and communicate an important message. But what is a maamar? A maamar does not take liberties with Torah sources. On the contrary, it plumbs the depths of pshat to achieve the true meaning of the text. When we analyze texts by paying close, careful attention to details and subtle nuances, we can arrive at conclusions that are often overlooked and reach a deeper and truer understanding of what they mean and what they are telling us.

Read a maamar and make your next Yom Tov a truly special and profound experience!

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