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The Legend Of Rabbi Ben Levi; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Hardcover

Publication Date: 
November 28, 2020

"Give me back my sword!" screams the Angel of Death at the renowned Jewish sage Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi of Zippori as they battle high above the gates of Paradise. Inspired by this legend from the Talmud, the 1862 poem "The Legend of Rabbi Ben Levi" by the nineteenth-century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow describes the epic struggle of Rabbi Ben Levi to defeat the Angel of Death and end his reign of terror over mortal men. This stunning volume illustrates Longfellow s poem with mosaic paintings, enhanced by quotations from the original Aramaic Talmud text.

Avi Katz has illustrated over 150 books, seven of them Ze'ev Prize, four IBBY-Andersen honor award winners. The JPS Children's Illustrated Bible won the National Jewish Book Award and was a Sidney Taylor Notable in 2010; The Waiting Wall was also a Taylor notable in the same year. From 1990 Avi Katz was an illustrator of the Jerusalem Report. He is a founding member of the Israel Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy, artist of all the Society's posters and publications including all the covers of The Tenth Dimension; has shown several exhibitions of sci-fi art including at WorldCon 2003; a member of ASFA (the Association of Science Fiction Artists). Guest of Honor, ICon 2002 In 2018 in response to his cartoon The Piggie Selfie the Jerusalem Report decided to dispense with his services. Since then he has been publishing his From the Sketchbook cartoon weekly in Facebook and his website.
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