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Kisvei HaRambam

Kisvei HaRambam
The Writings of the Rambam - Fascinating Classics from the Pen of the Great Master - Now in English!

Enter the thought-world of one of the greatest Rishonim — and of other great Rishonim who discussed and critiqued his works. In Kisvei HaRambam, the writings of the Rambam are translated phrase-by-phrase, annotated, and elucidated with additional insights. It is informative, inspiring, and engrossing.

Kisvei HaRambam includes the Rambam’s famous introduction to Cheilek, the Thirteen Principles of Faith, essays on the Afterlife, Providence and free will, relevant chapters from Mishneh Torah, a letter of encouragement to a struggling Jew, and much more.

This new ArtScroll commentary to these classic writings brings them to life in English as never before. It’s basic and essential – and it’s a pleasure to read.

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Catalog #KRAMH
ISBN-10: 1422633020
ISBN #: 9781422633021
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 584
Dimensions:7 x 10 inches /
 Weight:2.7 LBS