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The Katz Haggadah Laminated [Hardcover]

Magnificent, beautiful, and dramatic--this haggadah is worthy of superlatives! The creative genius of Rabbi Baruch Chait, combined with the superb skill of master illustrator Gadi Pollack, make this haggadah one-of-a-kind. The realistic illustrations will literally transport you back to Egypt, as it looked and felt during the Exodus. The torture our nation experienced, and the wonder of redemption are all captured in these life-like pictures. Experience the thrill of G-d's Redemption, the pain of our ancestors, and the magnitude of the Ten Plagues, in this remarkable haggadah. Full-color pictures, with midrashic interpretations and an intriguing essay on the Exodus from Egypt.
Laminated pages to protect against spills at the seder table.
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 120
Publisher: Feldheim
The Katz Haggadah Laminated [Hardcover]
By: Rabbi Baruch Chait
Illustrated by: Gadi Pollack and Evgeny Markovich
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