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The Jaffa Edition Hebrew-only Chumash - Travel Size - Ashkenaz Hardcover

A-S Chumash Jaffa Pkt Ashkenaz
142260215X (9781422602157)

The Jaffa Edition Hebrew-only Chumash - Ashkenaz: Product Description The Torah with Onkelos, Rashi, Baal HaTurim, and Ikkar Sifsei Chachamim; The Haftaros and Five Megillos; Complete Sabbath Services This handy all-Hebrew edition of the Chumash features clear type on 5 3/8" x 6 1/2" pages makes it easy to read and follow the Torah reading; and the complete Sabbath services. The text of the Torah, Haftaros, Five Megillos, and commentaries - Onkelos, Rashi, Ikkar Sifsei Chachamiim, and Baal HaTurim - in this new Chumash have all been reviewed for total accuracy. Torah and Onkelos texts begin each page at the same word. Markers indicating the Sabbath Minchah / weekday aliyos. Dozens of explanatory illustrations, diagrams, and charts. The pesuchos and setumos are persented visually, as they appear in a Sefer Torah.

Available in Full Size, Pocket (with Shabbos Davening) Ashkenaz and Pocket (with Shabbos Davening) Sfard

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