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Intriguing World of Jewish Time

Intriguing World of Jewish Time

Fascinating Zmanim and Calendar Calculations Which Shemoneh Esrei was last recited in the year 1994, and won't be recited again until 2089? Why is it that some people's nineteenth Hebrew birthday does not fall out on the same day as their civil birthday? On the night of his bar mitzvah, a boy flies from Australia to Los Angeles, where it is a day earlier. Does he become "un-bar mitzvah"? Is a person's first yahrtzeit commemorated on the yom hamisah or the yom hakevurah? Why are seventeen pesukim in the Torah sometimes not read at all during the course of the year? When is the only time a klaf is rolled backward in the middle of the haftorah? In The Intriguing World of Jewish Time, you'll find the answers to these questions and many others. The Jewish calendar and zmanei hayom are complex, but Rabbi Dovid Heber makes the topic clear and easy to understand in this book. Written in a reader-friendly question-and-answer format, The Intriguing World of Jewish Time provides fascinating answers to 150 zmanim- and luach-related questions, many of which touch upon important halachic issues. Add meaning to often unnoticed special events and times in the Jewish year. With The Intriguing World of Jewish Time, your perception of the Jewish calendar will be immeasurably enhanced. By Rabbi Dovid Heber