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Honeycomb Beehive Honey Pot By Quest


Detailed beehive ready to be filled with golden honey. Complete with matching spoon and bee! Inspired by the beauty of nature; reminiscent of the richness of Jewish tradition and art, this modern day treasure will grace your home for years to come. Cast in aluminum, each piece is plated in nicker-silver. With exacting care and skill, this exquisite item is then hand enameled, giving an individual depth of color and unmatched luster.



Dimensions: 5.75H in

Color: Brown, Silver

Made In: USA

SKU: 14864



About the Artist: Quest Collection has always been committed to creating the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. The dedication of their artists instills a sense of classic richness and current trends into each piece. They work with a variety of metals and have recently added glass and wood into their designs. They use enamel paint and Swarovski crystals to enhance each piece. Their goal? To make life a little more beautiful for us all.