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Here We Are All Jews: 175 Russian - Jewish Journeys

Here We Are All Jews: 175 Russian - Jewish Journeys
Publication Date: 
August 28, 2022

Rabbi Jonathan Porath recounts the story of his lifetime of experiences with Soviet and post-Soviet Jews spanning over fifty years. This first-person account is packed with anecdotes from one of the great sagas of modern Jewish history, the near loss and ultimate return of Soviet Jewry to the Jewish people after more than seventy years of Communist rule. "Anyone even remotely involved in the Struggle for Soviet Jewry will find something they can identify or which will stir a memory. The important message of the book is that regardless of the degree of antisemitism, attempts to eradicate the Jewish people and the time from of isolation from the rest of the Jewish world there is always a remaining spark that rekindles revival. It happened after the Holocaust. It happened after centuries of Jewish exile from the ancestral homeland, and it happened with Soviet Jewry, just as it did throughout Jewish history." Greer Fay Cashman Jerusalem Post, 4 November 2022

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