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The Galilean Kitchen

The Galilean Kitchen
Publication Date: 
November 1, 2018

If you really want to make a friend, go to someone's house & eat with him... the people who give you their food, give you their heart.

The true words of the American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez, who valued the enormity of bringing food and culture together, a concept which forms the very essence of this original cookbook. Through the eyes and palates of local Arabic communities, The Galilean Kitchen immerses you in the traditional flavours of authentic, homely cooking from a social, cultural and culinary perspective.

Encompassing a diversity of influences from Christian, Muslim, Druze & Bedouin women,
The Galilean Kitchen is a cookbook with a difference as it combines this region's bountiful ingredients, traditional recipes passed down through the generations and stories of these local cooks, whose religious beliefs and eclectic tastes are brought to life through their cooking.
The Galilean Kitchen takes you on a journey from the land to the plate with the rich, bold flavours of this untapped cuisine giving credibility and an authenticity, that defines these homely, modest Arabic kitchens. The seasons too play an influential part in the book providing tales and recipes using autumnal olives, winter greens, young spring green wheat and summer 'baladi'vegetables, with an understanding of the significance within the region's cooking. Alternative ingredients and tips are also included with each recipe, allowing every reader to replicate the spice and flavours of Galilean cuisine.

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