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Family Friendly Mediterranean Cooking: With a Groundbreaking Guide to Weight Loss, Weight Control and Cardiovascular Health Hardcover


This book is about incorporating vegetables, fruits and whole grains into your diet and eating less refined carbohydrates and sugar. Dr. Slyper, a pediatric endocrinologist, helps you achieve this goal in three ways. First, in the cookbook section, he provides 190 enticing and healthful recipes for day to day cooking that your family is sure to enjoy. Second, he presents a framework for meal planning. For this he uses the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes mixing different food groups meat with vegetables and grains, grains with vegetables and fruit to achieve wonderful tasting combinations that fit easily into American food preferences. Third, in the health guide and scientific evidence section, he explains why the typical American diet is harmful to your family's health, how and why the Mediterranean diet can be used as a basis for successful weight maintenance and weight loss by controlling hunger and regulating carbs, and why this diet effectively prevents and treats cardiovascular disease. So what are you waiting for? Get started on Family Friendly Mediterranean-style Cooking!

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