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EZ Shofar: Everyone's How-to Guide Hardcover

EZ SHOFAR: Everyone's How-to Guide

EZ Shofar

Everyone's How-to Guide

By Avrohom Reit

Product Description

What does it take to blow shofar? You + Shofar + Ez Shofar.

Go from "never got a sound out of the shofar" to good, sharp sounds in under 10 minutes. EZ Shofar - Everyone's How-To Guide contains everything you need to know about how to blow shofar in clear, simple language.

Learn to blow in 3 easy steps. Pro tips to improve your skill.

Discover The answers to many common questions (including special section for women). Relevant halachos presented in a format that makes them easy to understand.

IncludesThe seder for blowing in shul. What the makrei should announce.

EZ Shofar, the sequel to Teka Beshofar - Mastering Shofar Blowing, is a serious, sometimes humorous, but always informative work that can teach anyone to blow and make the masters even better!

Dimensions: 9.4 X8.4

ISBN: 9780985972127

Weight: 1.5380 lbs

Binding: Hard Cover / 160 pages

Distributed By Feldheim Publishers

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