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Choosing To Love

Choosing To Love

Love is of paramount importance in living a fulfilling life, and true love in an adult relationship is something we all strive for. But loving relationships don t just happen. They require time, effort, teamwork, and conscientious attention.

Choosing to Love gets to the heart of the matter. Among its core principles: Love is not just about finding the right person, but being the right person. To a great extent, how you relate to others especially loved ones depends upon how you relate to yourself.

Love begins with becoming a mature, productive, happy individual who is willing to learn and grow.

Choosing to Love develops a deep, distinctively Jewish approach to relationships, exploring such fundamental concepts as modesty, abstinence before marriage, the importance of boundaries, and the value of one s inner self.

The author provides strategies for putting these ideas into practice; chief among them: to tune out the misguided, mass-media messaging that looks at love superficially and unrealistically, and tune in to your own true inner self.  If this kind of thinking resonates with you, and if you re willing to take on the challenge of an authentic, loving relationship, then Choosing to Love is the book for you.

Noted author Gila Manolson is a teacher and popular lecturer. Her other important titles dealing with human relationships include Head to Heart,Outside Inside, and The Magic Touch.

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