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The Rarest Blue tells the incredible story of tekhelet, the elusive sky-blue color mentioned throughout the Bible. Minoans discovered it; Phoenicians stole it; Roman emperors revered it; and Jews--obeying a commandment to affix a thread of it to their garments--risked their lives for it. But as the Roman Empire dissolved, the color vanished. Then, in the nineteenth century, a marine biologist marveled as yellow snail guts smeared on a fisherman's shirt turned blue. But what had caused this incredible transformation? Meanwhile, a Hasidic master obsessed with the ancient technique posited that the source of the dye was no snail but a squid. Bitter controversy divided European Jews until a brilliant rabbi proved one side wrong. But had an unscrupulous chemist deceived them? In this richly illustrated book, Baruch Sterman brilliantly recounts the amazing story of this sacred dye that changed the color of history.

Software Ethics In Halacha: Contemporary Halachic Issues Involving Computer Software

Software Ethics In Halacha: Contemporary Halachic Issues Involving Computer Software

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The industry of software development is one that is extremely complex. Its intricate aspects are understood only by those in the industry and, as such, have led to significant issues which are overlooked by the consumer. Situations very often arise where unbeknownst to the consumer, he is given a product which is ill-suited to his needs. Oftentimes, the vendors themselves are unaware of these issues. These situations lead to some very serious Choshen Mishpat concerns which have not yet been adequately addressed. Additionally, there are a host of other standard industry procedures- some bordering on fraudulent- which raise considerable Halachic concerns.

In this ground-breaking sefer, the author, in consultation with prominent Rabbanim and Dayanim, explores the issues above as well as many other related topics in depth. The author is an experienced software engineer who has successfully designed and marketed cutting edge programs to major corporations. He is also a technology consultant and has advised and helped prominent businesses find solutions to their technological needs. With his years of experience in these fields, he has a vast knowledge and nuanced understanding of everything related to software design, marketing, purchasing and program implementation. As such, he is uniquely qualified to address these points from a variety of angles.

This eye-opening sefer contains a wealth of practical information which will be of great benefit to all those involved in programming, selling or purchasing software, as well as anyone looking to gain an understanding and awareness of the modern-day application of Choshen Mishpat.

Touro University: Medical Halachah Annual Volume 1
Touro University: Medical Halachah Annual Volume 1

Touro University: Medical Halachah Annual Volume 1

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Written by experts in the field, this journal is an exploration of the intersection of halachah, medical ethics, and contemporary medical issues, and offers insights into the application of halachic principles to complex medical situations.


Alan Kadish, MD

Editor’s Preface

Edward Lebovics, MD

Risk Assessment in Halachah

Rabbi Mayer Twersky

Management of Profound Multi-Organ Failure

Rabbi Prof. Avraham Steinberg, MD

Allocation of Scarce Resources

Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz

Adult ECMO and Mechanical Circulatory Support

Jonah (Yonah) Rubin, MD; Rabbi Dr. Jason Wiener, BCC

Halachah’s View of the Requirement to Follow the Established Standard of Care

Rabbi Moshe Rotberg

Medical Uncertainty in Halachah

Rabbi Boruch Fogel

COVID-19 Vaccines: Clinical Trials

Rabbi Dr. Zvi Loewy

Bikkur Cholim and the Contagious Patient

Rabbi Ephraim Glatt, Esq.; Rabbi Aaron E. Glatt, MD

The Role of Medical Expertise and Rabbanim in the Pandemic

Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

Confronting the Pandemic in the Community

Rabbi Mordechai Willig

Dishonest Acquisition of Potentially Life-Saving Care

Rabbi Yossi Sprung; Judah Eisenman

Vaccinating Adults and Children against COVID-19 in Israel and the US

Zvi Ryzman

Vaccine Hesitancy in the Orthodox Jewish Community

Sarah H.D. Becker, MD

Othering the Jews during the Calamitous Black Death of the 14th Century and the COVID-19 Pandemic of the 21st Century

Margot Lurie; Edward C. Halperin, MD, MA