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The ArtScroll Series presents the comments of the classic giants of ancient and contemporary times in a logical, comprehensible manner, like a master teacher on an exciting voyage of intellectual discovery.

Chance & Providence - On Purim

Chance & Providence - On Purim

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Chance and Providence is a collection of sermons that explains the hidden world of meaning in the holiday of Purim. Rabbi Shagar addresses issues of determinism, Amalek and the nature of Avodat HaShem as he leads readers toward a deep understanding of the themes of Purim.

Esther in America

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The Book of Esther has inspired and impacted the American project since its very inception. Rabbis and ethicists, abolitionists and artists, preachers and presidents, have understood the text to speak to their moment. It has offered solace to immigrants, forged solidarity, impacted politics, and, in the spirit of Esther 4:14, roused individuals to realize that deliverance was not to come from some other place, but from their own heroic actions on behalf of their people . As we Americans once again find ourselves navigating antisemitism and bigotry, questioning the limits and purposes of power, reassessing gender dynamics, and grappling with how to keep an ethnically diverse empire from imploding, it is once again to Esther we must turn, to the timeless scroll that continues to urge us to find strength and redemptive possibility in the least expected of places. Includes the Megilla text.


Glimpses of Light (Megillas Esther)

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Megillas Esther: Ancient story or present-day reality? Coincidence or miracle? Darkness or Glimpses of Light? The oppressed Jewish nation faces complete annihilation, but is miraculously saved by an unexpected series of natural events. Was the chain of changes a string of natural coincidences and events, or was it a medley of masterfully orchestrated miracles? Is the Purim story a one-time occurrence? Or is there a deeper, timeless message hidden within this ancient account? In "Glimpses of Light", Rabbi Yehudah Steinberg, delves into Megillas Esther and extracts the underlying messages hidden in the seemingly straightforward Purim story. Presenting the words of Chazal, midrashim, parables, and anecdotes in a lucid fashion, the author brings home the profound relevance of the Megillah's lessons for us, even today, so that we can truly appreciate the concept of hashgachah pratis and discover a fresh inspiration for trust in Hashem. An invaluable sourcebook for rabbis, educators, and laymen alike, this enlightening and inspiring book is vital for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Megillas Esther and a more meaningful Purim experience.

Halakha M'Mekora Purim

Halakha M'Mekora Purim

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Moadim Perspectives Chanukah-Purim

Moadim Perspectives: Chanukah - Purim Hardcover

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In his writings, Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch offered profound and original insights into the meaning of all aspects of Jewish life and thought. His successor, Rav Dr. Salomon Breuer, and his grandson, Rav Dr. Joseph Breuer, offered further understanding, following the ideas of Rav Hirsch.

Moadim Perspectives: Chanukah - Purim contains inspiring teachings from these great Rabbinic leaders that will serve to imbue a deeper appreciation for these festive days and enhance the spiritual level that these Moadim help us to achieve

Purim and the Persian Empire: A Historical and Archaeological Perspective

Purim and the Persian Empire: A Historical and Archaeological Perspective

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"The integrated translation of Megillas Esther is taken from the Margolin edition of the Torah ... translated by Binyamin S. Moore, c1999"--T.p. verso.

Step into a new world, the world above, beyond, and before the Purim story, in this riveting, state-of-the-art work.

History, archaeology, and geography intersect here with a fascinating account of the people, places, and cultures preceding and during the Purim story, including cutting-edge findings, research, and artifacts that lend richness and scope to the events recorded in the Megillah.
This thoroughly captivating book answers many important questions about the Purim story and weaves together biblical sources with numerous historical documents for a professional and satisfying perspective.

(Includes full-color photos and Megillas Esther in Hebrew and English.)

PURIM: Removing the Mask

Purim: Removing the Mask Hardcover

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Of all the masks we may encounter over the course of Purim, the most intriguing is the one worn by Purim itself…

On the one hand, Purim commemorates and celebrates the miracle that Hashem performed for the Jewish People at the time. In this retrospective sense, it faces backwards

On the other hand, however, it also faces forwards in the sense that it provides a vision toward the future. It contains many messages that reveal extremely profound concepts and fundamental truths…the festival of Purim is a time when these ideas can be encountered, accessed, and absorbed anew.

Ultimately, these two different directions do not conflict with each other, for the day of Purim is not just a historical event; it is an ongoing presence in the Jewish calendar and in its national experience.

Behind the feasting and merriment which accompany the day of Purim lie some of the most profound and meaningful ideas of Judaism. Drawing on a fascinating array of sources, renowned teacher and author Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein (author of the bestselling Teshuva, Aggadah, and Darkness to Destiny Haggadah) guides the reader on an eye-opening journey towards a deeper appreciation of the Jewish people's most colorful festival.


It is known that the festival of Purim is both concealed and exalted, its laws and customs are hidden and mystifying. In this unique sefer, the author explains the essence of the day as well as the avodah which accompanies it.

These Purim Days A Philatelic Book of Esther

These Purim Days A Philatelic Book of Esther

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Edited by Mosher Rimer

Translated by David Dubin


Published by Society of Israel Philatelists 2018


The Jewish holiday of Purim celebrates the rescue of the Jews in the Persian Empire in about 500 BCE. In synagogues around the world the biblical Book of Esther, which recounts the miraculous events, is read on the festive holiday. Picking up on themes in the book, Moshe Rimer, a member of the Israel Philatelic Federation, has produced a lavishly illustrated the Book of Esther with a philatelic commentary. For example, mention of the drawing of lots, a central event in the book, is accompanied by a discussion of stamps depicting games of chance.  The translated book retains the esthetic values of the original and should enhance the experience of reading and studying the book of Esther in addition to adding to enjoyment of the Purim holiday.


Book includes the Megillah Esther in both Hebrew and English.

Gems from the Nesivos Shalom: Purim

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Nesivos Sholom. One of the most widely celebrated volumes on Jewish thought in recent history. The magnum opus of Reb Sholom Noach Berezovsky zt'Âl, saintly rebbe of a vibrant Chassidic dynasty, the impact of the Nesivos Sholom extends well beyond the tight-knit enclave of Slonimer adherents. Since its publication in the latter half of the twentieth century, Nesivos Sholom has become a standard text in the study-halls and homes of Torah Jews from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the first time ever, this modern-day classic is now accessible in the English language. With the release of the ninth volume - focusing on the messages and lessons of Purim - the English-speaking public can discover what it is about Nesivos Sholom that has captured the hearts and minds of Jewish seekers world-wide. Is it the crisp, engaging treatment of such a wide-range of relevant topics? The masterful blend of Chassidic thought and scholarly analysis, mystical concepts and illustrative narratives, penetrating insight and inspirational messages? Or is it simply the pristine beauty that emanates from the sacred words of an individual referred to by some as the "Mesilas Yesharim of our generation"Â? For the accomplished scholar or the earnest layman; the educator or the parent; anyone - young or old - seeking to advance their Torah knowledge and connection with the Creator - his volume has a wealth to offer. With Hashem's help, these teachings of the Nesivos Sholom will greatly enhance your life.

Inside Purim: Fascinating and Intriguing Insights on Purim and the Megillah

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We all know the Purim story don't we? Inside Purim will make you wonder. An evil king, an enigmatic queen, and the threat of annihilation. A sleepless night, a metamorphic party and a complete turnabout. The story of Purim is one we know so well. Yet, there are so many layers hidden beneath the surface. Inside Purim peels back the mask and reveals the profundity and depth within. Inside Purim brings you fascinating interpretations on the Megillah, the historical background of the Purim story, and the significance of the customs of Purim. This sparkling and comprehensive collection of ideas is gleaned from an astonishing array of Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic sources. Enthrall your guests, your students, and your family with these Torah gems. Includes the complete Megillas Esther, and Maariv service, in Hebrew.

Purim Bags

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