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Shtender Wood/Silver Plate- 2 Level

2 Level Shtender Wood & Silver Plated 2 Positions

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This timeless multi-level tabletop sefer stand  can be adjusted to be flat on the table, or to stand upright, to comfortably support a book for davening and learning with ease. With this Shtender, you can freely adjust between two levels, for sitting, and for standing.


 This Shtender is made of solid hardwood, and is strong enough to hold gemarahs and heavier seforim. The silver plated design is etched with the words "V'Hegisa Bo Yoima V'Laylah" 


The bottom frame extends all the way to the front, so heavy seforim will not tip over, and the 3 slots for the wire supports makes for more angle choices. The wire frame will not scratch the wood.


Acrylic Shtender - 2 Positions

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Lucite "Shtender"- Gold Speckled

Lucite "Shtender"- Gold Speckled

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Table-Top Folding Shtender Book Holder

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  • Weighs less then 2 pounds
  • Folds to 8" x 13" x 1" flat
  • Use when sitting or standing
  • Adjust to any height
  • Fits in your Talis Bag

Mahogany Table Top Shtender 2 Tone 11.8 D X 15.75 W X 17" H

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Shtender- Wood

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Wood & Silver Plated Shtender 3 Levels 13.78 x 12.6

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