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Counting of the Omer Spiral-bound

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A unique daily personal guide that will lead you through a fascinating experience of emotional character refinement, with exercises for each of the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot. This book will change your life as it guides you through a mystical yet accessible, practical 49-step journey through the human personality, refining and perfecting your emotions and behavior allowing you to grow and better cope with life's daily challenges.

Gems From the Nesivos Sholom - Mesikus Hatorah and Shavuos

Gems from the Nesivos Shalom: Mesikus Hatorah & Chag Hashavuos Hardcover

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Nesivos Sholom. One of the most widely celebrated volumes on Jewish thought in recent history. The magnum opus of Reb Sholom Noach Berezovsky zt"l, saintly Rebbe of a vibrant chassidic dynasty, the impact of the Nesivos Sholom extends well beyond the tight-knit enclave of Slonimer adherents. Since its publication in the latter half of the twentieth century, Nesivos Sholom has become a standard text in the study-halls and homes of Torah Jews from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the first time ever, this modern-day classic is now accessible in the English language. With the release of the fourth volume - focusing on the messages and lessons of Torah and Shavuos the English-speaking public can discover what it is about Nesivos Sholom that has captured the hearts and minds of Jewish seekers worldwide. Is it the crisp, engaging treatment of such a wide range of relevant topics? The masterful blend of chassidic thought and scholarly analysis, mystical concepts and illustrative narratives, penetrating insight and inspirational messages? Or is it simply the pristine beauty that emanates from the sacred words of an individual referred to by some as the "Mesillas Yesharim of our generation"? For the accomplished scholar or the earnest layman; the educator or the parent; anyone young or old seeking to advance their Torah knowledge and connection with the Creator - this volume has a wealth to offer. With Hashem's help, these teachings of the Nesivos Sholom will greatly enhance your life.

Illuminated Shir HaShirim

Illuminated Shir HaShirim

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The Illuminated Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs A treasury of illumination, calligraphy, micrography, commentary, insights and laws By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib Often quoted, yet rarely understood, Shir HaShirim is called the holy of holies. It is the eternal story of G-d's love for His people, and our love for Hashem. Rabbi Weinrib's magnificent illuminations, profound commentary, and creative imagery bring this volume to life. Hebrew text with tropp Artistic imagery drawn from the Midrash Complete allegorical translation Literal translation English commentary Catalog # WSHIRH ISBN-10: 1422602141 ISBN #: 9781422619933 Format: Hardcover Pages: 126 Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches / Weight: 2.15 LBS Published By: Artscroll Judaica Illumination Release Date: 03/20/2018 Size: Coffee Table

The Call of Sinai: A Deeper Look at Torah, The Omer and The Festival of Shavuos Hardcover

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Each year, as the festival of Shavuos approaches, a number of questions that are relevant the entire year-round take on a timely significance:

*What is Torah, exactly and what specific role does Torah study play?

*What does the Revelation at Sinai have to do with me in my day-to-day living?

*How was the Torah given, and why does it matter?

*How do the laws and customs of Shavuos reflect our receiving the Torah?

*How does counting the Omer prepare us for any of this?

Drawing on a wide array of sources from throughout the generations, renowned teacher and author Rabbi Immanuel Bernstein discusses these and many more fundamental questions, providing the reader with a deeper understanding of Torah, Shavuos and ultimately, Judaism itself.