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Pirkei Avos

Avos D'Rebbi Nosson

Avos D'Rebbi Nosson

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The monumental classic commentary on Pirkei Avos, newly translated into English Avos D'Rebbi Nosson richly elaborates on the teachings of Tractate Avos, providing a veritable treasure trove of profound ethical insights, fascinating anecdotes about the great Sages, and a wellspring of inspiring moral teachings. It illuminates the Torah way of life by presenting role models and offering poignant observations. This monumental classic offers a gentle prod to refine our character traits and improve our moral conduct. It presents numerous sayings of the Sages that are not mentioned anywhere else in the Gemara or Midrash. While the authorship of this great work is unclear, it is generally attributed to the Tanna Rabbi Nosson HaBavli, teacher of Rabbi Eliezer, Rabbi Tarfon, and Rabbi Yishmael. This wonderful translation by Rabb Avraaham Yaakov Finkel opens up this great work to English speakers everywhere. It is compiled from a recent two-volume version published by Yeshivath Beth Moshe in Scranton, PA. This edition presents the entire work complete in one volume.


Breslov Pirkey Avot - Based on the Teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

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The first ever English edition of Breslov Pirkey Avot. The teachings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1722-1810) illuminates Pirkei Avot. Rabbi Dovid Sears has translated and edited each excerpt with background material to make it readable and understandable as Breslov Insights. He also has made a masterpiece of the explanation of each Mishnah in Pirkey Avot with his original Digest of Commentaries, presenting them concisely and elegantly. Further, each Mishnah is accompanied by a short story or a Breslov thought which expresses the ideal of the Mishnah in practice.


Gems from the Nesivos Shalom: Pirkei Avos

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Nesivos Sholom. One of the most widely celebrated volumes on Jewish thought in recent history. The magnum opus of Reb Sholom Noach Berezovsky ztz"l, saintly Rebbe of a vibrant chassidic dynasty, the impact of the Nesivos Sholom extends well beyond the tight-knit enclave of Slonimer adherents. Since its publication in the latter half of the twentieth century, Nesivos Sholom has become a standard text in the study-halls and homes of Torah Jews from one end of the spectrum to the other. For the first time ever, this modern-day classic is now accessible in the English language. With the release of this volume - focusing on the messages and lessons of Pirkei Avos - the English-speaking public can discover what it is about Nesivos Sholom that has captured the hearts and minds of Jewish seekers worldwide. Is it the crisp, engaging treatment of such a wide range of relevant topics? The masterful blend of chassidic thought and scholarly analysis, mystical concepts and illustrative narratives, penetrating insight and inspirational messages? Or is it simply the pristine beauty that emanates from the sacred words of an individual referred to by some as the "Mesillas Yesharim of our generation"? For the accomplished scholar or the earnest layman; the educator or the parent; anyone - young or old - seeking to advance their Torah knowledge and connection with the Creator - this volume has a wealth to offer. With Hashem's help, these teachings of the Nesivos Sholom will greatly enhance your life.

Pirkei Avos Treasury, Ethics of Our Fathers

Pirkei Avos Treasury, Ethics of Our Fathers

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SRS The sages guide to living with an anthologized commentary and anecdotes.
Pirkei Avos W. Rishonim - R Yona, Rashi, Rambam- Red Cover

Pirkei Avos with Rishonim - R Yona, Rashi, Rambam- Red Cover

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Understand the hidden secrets of Pirkei Avos with the famous commentators, such as, Rashi, Rambam, Rabbeinu Yonah, and Bartenura. Vowelized Text.

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers Memorial Edition

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers Memorial Edition

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ANCIENT WISDOM FOR A MODERN TIME Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers with a new commentary anthologized from the works of the classic commentators and the Chassidic Masters, with a lucid English translation and brief but insight-laden commentaries, this edition of Pirkei Avot is for those who wish to cover a chapter a week during the Omer period and throughout the summer. Most of the commentary consists of elucidations by the classic commentators, and is studded with insights adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson. This anthology both explains the simple meaning of the text and reveals the mishnah's deeper layers, presenting it in a manner meaningful to a modern society. The Rabbi Gavriel and Rivkah Holtzberg Memorial Edition is a beautiful hard leatherette bound edition, the complete, expanded version of the 5764 condensed publication. It is enhanced by silver-edged pages, two tone printing, and artwork throughout the text. The original sayings of Pirkei Avot appear in Hebrew, as well as in English.

Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem

Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem

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Introducing Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem With the publication of Pirkei Avot Lev Shalem, the RA adds a new volume to the Lev Shalem series that will significantly impact our contemporary understanding of this classic ancient text. The Lev Shalem series is aptly named: each volume approaches the text with a "full heart," completely committed to understanding the text in its ancient setting while transmitting a living "Torah of the heart" to each generation. In this unique volume, the text is literally surrounded by the voices of two superb commentators - Rabbi Tamar Elad-Appelbaum and Rabbi Gordon Tucker, each deeply learned; each with a unique perspective reflecting the breadth and depth of Conservative/Masorti Judaism. The book's Senior Editor, Rabbi Martin Cohen, not only guided the project at every turn, but he also contributed the English translation of the oldest extant text of Pirke Avot, dating to the 10th or 11th centuries, along with a preface and a commentary on the 6th chapter of the text.

Pirkei Shalom On Pirkei Avos

Pirkei Shalom On Pirkei Avos

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Pirkei Avos has been the subject of hundreds of commentaries throughout the centuries, with the Torah luminaries of each generation contributing their interpretations and explanations, relating the timeless lessons of the Tannaim to the people of their eras and cultures. For Pirkei Avos is nothing less than the repository of moral and spiritual guidance for our nation — it instructs us as to how we should act and live, and what we must strive to become. Every generation has its own unique circumstances and challenges, but the words of Pirkei Avos are as meaningful and essential today as when they were arranged by Rabbeinu HaKadosh.

Rabbi Sholom Reuven Feinstein, the Rosh Yeshivah of Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem / Yeshiva of Staten Island, has undertaken the challenge of producing a commentary on Pirkei Avos that speaks to our generation. With his immense breadth of Torah knowledge, along with his signature warmth and straightforward style, he makes the words of Pirkei Avos speak to our lives, and shows us how we can utilize them to become more effective servants of Hashem Yisborach.

This work, translated and adapted from the Hebrew by his grandson and talmid, Rabbi Moshe Weiss, will surely become a favorite resource for those who study and teach Pirkei Avos, and take a worthy place in the library of sefarim on this essential tractate.

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Ruach Chaim on Pirkei Avos

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In his classic work Ruach Chaim, Rav Chaim of Volozhin, preeminent student of the Vilna Gaon and founder of the yeshivah system as we know it today, gives us a profound and multifaceted commentary on Pirkei Avos, blending mystical insights, depth of thought, and fascinating chiddushim. This new English translation captures the spirit of the original while remaining accessible to the reader. Ruach Chaim gives readers an important new way to understand the ancient wisdom of our Sages, and offers scholar and layman alike a serious introduction to Rav Chaim's eternal wisdom.


Treasures of the Fathers-Osher Avot: Elucidations and Commentaries on Pirkei Avos

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Treasures of the Fathers by Rabbi Aron Asher Wolinetz. The work, an outgrowth of the many years of teaching Pirkei Avos, is written in a simple, pleasing style worthy of its subject. The author, Rabbi Aharon Asher Wolinetz, completed the study of the entire Talmud by the age of fourteen. He developed a deep love for both the study of Torah and the transmission of its thoughts and values. Commentaries on the Chumash, the Book of Ruth on Prayers and Shabbos are among some of his other writings. Rav Aharon's motivation for writing was to fulfill the obligation of "Anyone to whom a Torah idea was revealed, and he has the ability to write it, but fails to do so, it is as if he had stolen it from the one who revealed it to him... Now enhanced with superb English translation, this edition makes a wonderful teaching tool available for those who wish to continue in the great tradition of passing our heritage. The addition of the "Tomer Aharon" glossary, giving short biographies of those scholars mentioned in the Pirkei Avos, makes this work an even more valuable reference book. Hardcover. 406 pages.

Pirkei Avot with Commentary by Rabbi Even-Israel Steinsaltz Hebrew

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