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The Ayeka Shabbat: Hearing Your Own Voice A Guide for Personalizing Your Shabbat

Ayeka Shabbat: Hearing Your Own Voice

'Can Shabbat conversations impact my life?' The Torah invites us to meet someone we desperately want to meet, but who remains just out of reach. Who is this person? Ourselves - upgraded. Deep personal conversation on Shabbat is the perfectopportunity to meet a better version of ourselves. The original edition of Around the Shabbat Table offered questionsto stimulate meaningful conversations. In this new edition, a fourthquestion has been added, aimed at bringing the ideas of the weekly portion into our lives and inviting our personal and spiritual growth. Lech Lecha: What do you think is the next step on your journey? Toledot: Who in your family do you need to ask for forgiveness? Tzav: What part of your Jewish identity has lost its fire? Metzora: Who in your community do you think may be lonely? Kedoshim: Who is the most loving person you know? What can you learn from this person? Bamidbar: If you were given five minutes to talk to the Jewish People, what would you say? Devarim: What wisdom did you receive from your grandparents? What do you hope your grandchildren will receive from you?

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