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September 30, 2020
Real world questions. Real Jewish answers.

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz loves answering questions and it's what he does best. Now "Rabbi Jack" has hand-curated the most urgent, eternal, and in some cases bizarre questions he's received in twenty years at the job, and collected them here for the first time. If you've ever wondered what Judaism has to say about Zionism, Chosenness, Social Justice, Gun Rights, Marijuana, DNA testing, Environmentalism, Tattoos, Witchcraft, Ghosts, Aliens, Alternate Dimensions, Zombies, COVID-19, then this book is for you.

Not every single question out there has an answer that we can grasp, but if the answer is out there, Rabbi Abramowitz likely will have it. - Allison Josephs, Founder, Jew in the City

Rabbi Jack's answers are thought-provoking and balanced, and often blended with a touch of wit and humor. Most of all, his writings are nuanced and informed by Torah values. And if you're an experienced educator looking for optimal ways to teach traditional values in the classroom or from the pulpit, here's the book you've been waiting for. It's great to have questions. But it's better to have answers. Now's the time to Ask Rabbi Jack!

Rabbi Abramowitz is a Judaic treasure and I know that you will love his new book of Jewish answers to questions we all have. - Rabbi Steven Burg, CEO, Aish HaTorah

Rabbi Jack Abramowitz is a virtuoso of Torah teaching. He conveys Torah concepts that require years to master in language that is understandable and enjoyable. - Rabbi Gil Student, Editor-in-Chief,
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