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Al HaRishonim Shabbos and Moadim - Insights From the Rishonim on Shabbos and Festivals Hardcover


"What is the significance of the apple which is dipped in honey on Rosh Hoshana?"


"Why is Pesach the only festival when we formally invite the poor to join our Yom Tov Meal?"


"Why is candle lighting an auspicious time for women to daven for their children?"


In Al Harishonim Shabbos and Moadim, Rabbi Aryeh Brueckheimer draws from the vast commentaries of the Rishomin on the Torah and five megillos. He expounds on them through the words of Chazal, mussar seforim, as well as works of the Acharonim and contemporary gedolim.The sefer raises thought-provoking insights and derives practical messages from their works.


This work will both enlighten the reader with greater knowledge of Torah and lead to a greater appreciation for these special days.


Each piece will enhance, uplift and bring more meaning to your Shabbos and festivals.

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